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de_going (Temporary Name)

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Hello all,

been lurking here for a while and just started getting a little serious about mapping.
The map is in its very early stages and I'm looking for feedback on the layout.





You can download the map here:


Thanks to anyone that plays and offers feedback on my map!

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Personal opinion based on being a very competitive player, that rotation time is HUGE. If this map were to be played on a 35 second timer that means the people on either site would have to rotate instantly otherwise it would be near impossible for ct's to retake the site.

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Hello all, got around to working on this again and finished the layout (for now). I have uploaded the map to the workshop and made many changes since my last post. I hope to get a slot in the playtesting schedule to test soon, because I have only been able to work with 3v3s.


Workshop Download Here:


Thanks for playing!!


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Hello again everyone, Merry Christmas! 

I got back to work with the map and after trying many different ways to move bombsite A and shorten rotation times, I decided the map is fundamentally flawed in that it is too wide and has too long of rotation times. Now I know that it is possible to do, but I decided that the changes needed would require changing the map so much that it would not be the same map anymore. So I decided to finish up the layout and start working on detailing. I have a few screenshots here of bombsite B and would like to know if anyone has any feedback on my detailing so far. Thanks for reading! 






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