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[WIP] de_monaco

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B was already pretty hard to access as a T and that was before CTs had any proper height advantage. The whole main entrance for Ts into B is pretty convoluted:

  • Straight ahead for an easily wallbangable (and destructible?) door
  • Harsh right into very focussed alleyway, which CTs can camp from all kinds of angles.

I didn't find the route from mid to effectively really alleviate any of the access issues on B

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Worked out a rough layout just with some bot playtesting over the past few days. Hoping to get a lot more on that done and get it tested it out on the server at some point.


This layout is unplayable. Each plant have only 1 linear way from T side. Map have bad structue. You need to improve the framework

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oops, old version;)

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It all looks really nice, but one thing I would say is that a lot of areas look too dark due to shadows?

Also, I personally dislike the birds flapping around as they cast shadows and are quite distracting at times. Easily mistakable for grenades.

And one final thing: Using "mat_postprocess_enable 0" will get rid of the vignette in your screenshots (but also any colour correction)

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Back again, birds are gone.

Lots more buildings have been textured/new art pass, etc. Still kind of unhappy with how certain things are turning out but hoping to find the right balance soon enough. Also had a little skybox change (old one was bugging out so this is probably a temporary change) and still feel like I need to brighten some areas considering how many shadows there are (might end up entire redoing the lighting at some point)


As you can see it's a lot of custom assets for the most part, and I hope to continue to increase the amount of new content used in the map.


Anyways comments and criticism is greatly appreciated and encouraged as always, especially with a lot of the new detailing done to some areas. Planning on updating workshop/possibly running another playtest soon as well.

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I can see this is turning into something special, so I thought I'd just point out one thing that really stuck out to me while looking at these.


This looks like something you'd expect to see in a final level, great polish, lots of detail. On the other hand...


This looks like something from a really early detail pass.


I know Monaco is really clean, but it comes off looking really unfinished in these shots. Subtle detail work on the ground areas will really pay off in tying everything together I think.

Sorry if this is something you were already planning, just my thoughts.

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To start out, the layout of this map is very creative for clover and in fact probably the best clover I've seen :)


I could name pros for hours on this map, but currently it's even in gray wall, so I'll just go over kinda iffy things in my eyes:

  • Currently the skybox is vertigo, and I know you're probably gonna change it, but if you weren't, make sure you do because it can cause weird things on glass.
  • There are a lot of boosts out of the map that I'm certain you intend to clip out, but some of them should at least partially stay. This boost here on long A should be boostable up to the window frame but not any higher so that it's a nice angle against pushing CTs but not quite an overpowered out of map area.
  • This car on A site could be a great AWPing angle, however it currently takes three body shots to kill. I recommend you make it slightly more bangable, and allow the car to only take two shots to the body with the AWP, 3 with the scout.
  • At B site there aren't any good plant positions for terrorists, all positions are shown to CT, consider extending site maybe just a little to provide a small corner for terrorists to not be at risk for the 5 seconds.
  • The opposite occurs at A site, where all plant positions are over-covered, consider shortening the wooden board on the path to the side of the site to allow easier view of heads of planters.

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