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Tom Ivens - Environment artist portfolio

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Good day, Mapcore!
Got word the other day that i have apparently graduated. Which means it's time to start job hunting (oh dear)!

I took some time to polish up my portfolio and this seemed like a good place to start asking for some c&c.


I haven't updated the 'resume' page and it's horribly outdated, so ignore that for now.
I have, however, an updated .PDF version on my dropbox.
It would be very much appreciated to get some feedback on that as well.

Thanks for your time.

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Hey Tom,

I like the front page, nice clean design that shows all of your work. I think you should add some text onto the graphics that tell聽me what it is and what it was made in so I don't have to click into each one to find out.

I would also recommend you model a load more things (both high and low poly) to show you can do a good range of things. E.g. if I was looking for an artist for a mobile game I don't know what your low poly skills are like, it would also be good to see wireframes and poly counts for your objects. Perhaps come up with a format for displaying models and repeat that for all of them?

- Harry

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