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[WIP] de_facility

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Alright...you should make a thumbnail for your loading screen to represent your map better..but thats not important now

All these suggestions are obviously just my opinion without a proper playtest.

I have more suggestions or ideas but there is no time to make any mayor changes now..and maybe you disagree with me



I would block this way for both teams and place a slightly transparent blockade or just remove it because you already have the main path to the B Spot and that big Garage ..i would never want to cover B as a CT on this map :D

My second solution would be to remove the function of your Garage to be openable and just leave it as a wallbangable area.




I think that you should add a player clip on all of these objects because i can easily jump on them (solo)..this could destroy the fun on a competitive-based map.





I like many areas on your map but i think it could be executed better because there are so many open areas and higher level areas like this one which can give players a headache.

I would move that scaffolding a bit to the right side to block this corner entirely from the game.

Why? Because it would remove some of that high level areas + this position can be very powerful especially on a small map like this.




I really like your A Spot and i love your boost position where i am on the screenshot..but it should only be a position which you can reach with atleast 2 players.

I jumped from the Container to this platform in like 3seconds and i would remove that big crate too(behind all of this stuff) Why? Too many corners which can decrease the funfactor and the simplicity of a competitive based map and by the way i would clip nearly all buildings on your middle because once you are on a high level area the chances to see the whole map are really big :D



I really like some ideas like your A Spot, some Middle elements and your Garage Gate but this map is either too small or doesn't include enough cover


Keep it up!

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Wow you actually have some great ideas.

The T boost area I was unsure about, wasn't even going to add it. So I really like the suggestion of reducing it a bit by moving the scaffolding. I will definitely be doing it! 

I will add further clipping to bombsite B so you cant boost ontop of everything on the site lol.

Im not too sure about your idea on the garage door, I always felt like it was a way of making my map unique as no other maps do this other than office.

Bombsite A tho I feel is fine, it plays pretty well but it might be bit crowded might need to change it a bit.

You did say the boost spot is easy to get onto but it is really hard to get there before the ts see you, which makes it sort of like a high risk high reward area.

I really liked your idea and will definitely add some of your idea to my map :).  

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