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[WIP] de_bastion2 | de_bastion2 (Night)

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Small update:

  • Removed Sewer; Map has now less layers
  • Sealed off Long A doors
  • Added new path from Long A via old lockerroom to A
  • Added details in Villa
  • Villa double doors are now metal
  • Added details and cover to A-Long
  • BOTs should now be able to navigate the spiral staircase
  • Released night version (link in description)
  • Slightly adjusted ambient light (now warmer)
  • Fixed some minor problems
  • FPS fixes

Click here for the daylight version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501568344

Click here for the night version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546859493

(I'll update the screenshots once I get home, I'm on my tablet currently)

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Made the quote prettier <3

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night != dark

your night version is too dark, you can do better.聽I think night maps should be lit pretty much the same as a daylight map, with just less intensity and a blueish tone. A nice moonlight could add up so much to the map's atmosphere.

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What tomm said + take a look at de_rails. Its a night map which is not dark at all :D

I like the other changes you made! But I still think you should work on the Routes in general - the sightlines in some areas are way to long in my opinion. Other than that - great improvement!

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess the dark night comes from the times I was doing maps for Zombie Master and Zombie Panic! Source :P. I'll see what I can do. So far any comments on the change I did to A-Long / Former lockerroom?

EDIT: I updated the screenshots in the mainthread for the lazy guys :P.

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Hotfix incoming:

  • Fixed a triple man boost that allowed you to exit the map
  • Double checked all clips to make sure the map is not exitable
  • Shifted back T-Spawn (Spawn priorities for spawns at the back are now higher)
  • -> This will allow 'topspawn' CT-Players to get a pick on Ts rushing the B-Bombsite
  • -> This also gives CT's more time to setup on all spots
  • Added some more bombspot indicator decals
  • Fixed a piece of wood sticking out of the tall tower
  • Fixed the clipping of the arch (connecting Library with Window) (Thanks Tweak)
  • Fixed a spot behind drawbridge (standing on the box) that allowed you to see and kill CTs in Connector
  • Further optimisations (Thanks Andre Valera)

Also now I can finally say that I fixed the compile time from 4 hrs (vvis) to 1 hr. Stay on the grid kids....

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