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Thanks for the comments!

The glass is here to soak up damage, the AK47 stop being a 1-hit kill but the Deagle stay that way. It changes things a bit, kinda like jail in season. Fences and grates doesn't have particles effects and have the same effect, it might be a better alternative. If players don't like it I'll remove it entirely.

Without the smoke decal I wonder if players will understand the role of the tower. The decal itself could be a bit more subtle though.

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Took a walk around to find possible issues.


Walking on top of this will probably look really odd from another players perspective since the platform is really thin.




There are 3 blocked doors that read as a route/entrance when approached from some angles. Might be disorienting for new players since they will briefly try and check to see if someone is there. It is not until you are up close you know they are dead ends.


Maybe add an overhang here to get the players attention so that when approaching from the side, they can see entrance well in advance.


I feel that maybe some more "honest" cover here could be good, since there are 2 long, and 2 medium ranged angles on this spot with just a spool to use for cover.


This wall can be vaulted from the other side, but there is no indication of this. To new players, it will just read as a normal wall from here. If you don't know the wall can be vaulted, and someone jumps over and kills you, it would be one of those WTF! moments.


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I really like this map. And when I saw that smoke sign, I went from :) to :D. I don't think you need to remove the smoke sign. I don't think I would figure out by myself I could smoke there if it wasn't there. Sure it will be used by T's alot, but CT's will adapt. CT's can counter-smoke. It's easy to smoke mid window on mirage once you know how to do it. Nothing wrong with designing a easier smoke to learn yourself for those that don't really watch tutorials that much. I think alot of beginners will love this map. I think many pro's will like it too. And there will be a bunch that don't. But that's the case with every other map :) Some like it, some don't.

My suggestion for further detail would be to add more stuff to make it look like a training area. I thought of the wooden T's and CT's... :) They could just be in a box or something so don't people don't confuse them for real enemies hehe :)

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Hey there!

So I enjoyed my time playing this map but I do have some critique. I think the T timings to B site are a little fast. Slowing down the Ts by about 1 second would be nice. I question the necessity of the "middle window" peak onto mid. I think it should be removed and a squeeky should be added there, and removed from the current location. Something to punish people for taking that extremely fast rotation between the bombsites. Just IMO.

Graphics were fine, great even. 

feedback album


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Here is the heatmap from the reddit playtest http://demo.ehvag.de/#55ed99e06e8dfd4a22ede5b1,55ed99df6e8dfd4a22ede5b0,55ed99e06e8dfd4a22ede5b2,55ed99f96e8dfd4a22ede5b3,55ed99f96e8dfd4a22ede5b4,55ed99fb6e8dfd4a22ede5b5,55ed9a146e8dfd4a22ede5b6,55ed9a186e8dfd4a22ede5b8,55ed9a166e8dfd4a22ede5b7,55ed9a346e8dfd4a22ede5b9,55ed9a3b6e8dfd4a22ede5ba,55ed9a3d6e8dfd4a22ede5bb,55ed9a636e8dfd4a22ede5bc,55ed9a636e8dfd4a22ede5bd,55ed9a656e8dfd4a22ede5be,55ed9a956e8dfd4a22ede5bf,55ed9a956e8dfd4a22ede5c0,55ed9a9d6e8dfd4a22ede5c1,55ed9adc6e8dfd4a22ede5c2,55ed9adc6e8dfd4a22ede5c3

I did the math, the map is approximatively 51.3% T sided, much better than it was before.


I changed a few things according to feedback, reajusted the spawn a little, also tweaked the sky and added a skydome with movings clouds.

@Psyrius Targets was actually one of my idea in the beginning, I'll work on it now :)

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Just released an update!


- Blocked the fence at A Long.
- Removed Ramp, added Tetris instead.
- Improved cover at electric tower in A.
- Added a small metal ledge between window and ruins.
- Switched glass window for a fence.
- Added a skydome with moving clouds.
- Made the trickjump to boost spot over B slightly easier.
- Added pirate flag in B.

Imgur album of the changes: http://imgur.com/a/H0IhL

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