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Is your backbone okay ?


Is your backbone okay ?  

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  1. 1. Is your backbone okay ?

    • Yes, totally
    • No, it hurts sometimes
    • No, it hurts every fucking day

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Was just wondering if u guys have the same problem as me: My backbone hurts a lot and I think its due to the long time I spend in front of the PC.

It seems to be rather common in people who spend long periods of time on the pc, so I guess some of u have the same problem.

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hurts sometimes, but OK for the most part.

I'm also one of the people who sits in the weirdest positions when in front of the PC for long periods of time. I tend to slouch a lot after some time and go into some kind of laying position rather than sitting.


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My back's fine, but my posture is kind of lame at times due to the immense amounts of time I spend in front of a damn computer. I do everything at home on one, I do everything at college on one, hell we usually end up on one when I go round to a friend's house.

I really ought to see a specialist and get myself straightened out.

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I'm fine when sitting around the house and things, but I do get a really sore back when I go ice skating or snowboarding for a long length of time. Ice skating is worse because you don't get the long rest times you do in boarding thanks to the chairlifts. I think its probably my time spent sat on my crappy desk chair that cause me the problems - it came with my flat and I've just never bothered to replace it :(

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