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cs_beirut2 (counterstrike source)


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I like this one much better than the sub one. I'd suggest getting more shadow contrast since you're in the desert. Dunno if this looks anything like beirut from what I've seen in movies. Doesn't look like a total rip off of the dust series so thats a plus. Overall a nice custom map, does it play well?

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Actually i think you should've included some cool buildings / features to make it stand out of the crowd of generic town maps (arab generic town maps even!). Add a mosque for example. Add a Saddam statue, an American embassy, anything.

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The skybox displacements in the first pic are what impress me the most. I couldn't really tell you why....just looks cool :) Nice to see there is a bit of colour in the textures you chose, as it does help differentiate it from the dust clones (sounds like something out of star wars...maybe thats just republic commando getting to me). As Ferret said, lighting could use more contrast - at the minute it just seems like you have a light_environment pointing straight downwards or something. Good job overall though :)

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Looks cool. I'm not sure about Ferret's contrast comment since I think it looks pretty nice with regards to lighting, and thinking logically I'd assume that in real life all the sunlight being reflected around by the end and light surfaces would tone down the shadows quite a bit anyway. The effect doesn't quite look realistic though, primarily due to the complete absence of sand being blown around like in de_dust. I might suggest looking into integrating that.

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