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mods i'm making - Clear Horizon & Insurgence


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In my spare time I'm making a couple mods.

The first is Clear Horizons which is a multiplayer role playing mod. The concept of the mod is basically doing missions and gaining experience points. The more xp you have the more things (weapons, ammo, armor) you can buy. All the xp, money, health, etc, is saved while you play. There are different types of missions. Some missions are 'find this object and return it to someplace else' and others are bounty missions where you have to find and kill another player and another type is 'find this object or npc and blow it up/kill it'. There is a jail system also, so if players kill each other too much they will end up in jail playing with a bar of soap. Money can be exchanged by players for whatever reason. Its a work in progress... and is fun to code. Still need maps and models to go with the game.

The other mod is Insurgence. This is basically my version of Americas Army. I like that game a lot and was thinking it would be cool to code something simular for the fun of it. Plus in this mod you won't have to go thru the training to get into maps or to use weapons... and anyone can make maps for it. I'll post screens of maps, characters & weapons when I get a chance (if anyone cares).

Both mods probably will be ported to HL2 -> Insurgence will for sure.

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Here's a couple screens of one of the character models. It was modeled/textured by illkid, and I created the biped for it in character studio. It is not finished. We still have to add more detail to it but its a start.


Heres some shots of stuff in CH (not much to look at really)... I was just supposed to do the coding :?


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What you saw was an early test on how the missions work. Each mission could only be done a certain number of times, or depended on your experience level. There is no limit to how many missions could be added.

The hooker u saw is not part of the game, in fact none of the graphix u saw would ever be used in the game. Like I said I was asked to code it all and I never had anyone to do graphix, and I didnt feel like making any myself, therefore models & maps in the alpha versions of coarse are only used in the testing phase.

testing phase sounds cool

/me shakes his head at OL ... worst beta tester evr

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