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The mountains suck. really.


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First a veiw on our way up to the cabin (or whatever you call a mountain "house"), taken from the car. Didn't care to remove the road block thingy, since I kinda liked it.


A shot from the cabin door late in the day, made this quite abit darker, but not that much. And I didn't touch the sky ;)


And a pic of my dog, love the shutter speed and strong blitz.


Final shot is from the door (another direction), day time.


Snow sucks, and I managed to catch the flue while I was there :(

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I don't understand the Dog picture D:

Doesnt the streaky lights mean you moved while the shutter was open - but the dogs face seems to be sharp... :shock::???:

nice pictures though, why none of the cabin

Well, the dog is so close to the blitz, and she is the thing in focus, so when the blitz goes of, I hold the cam. still for a while, then move it abit. Which creates that effect.

No shots of the cabin since its so ugly, and we haven't finished painting it (since we just expanded it).

And plz, its no cow, its an Bullterrier.

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