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de_Xuhsh's Crossing


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Xuhsh's Crossing is a map centered around a secret laboratory in the jungle. The primary feature of the map is the bridge with a bombsite on top and bottom. I have not been able to test gameplay outside of my two brothers but have had some positive feedback from GameBanana. For this competition I plan on adding extra detail and refinement to this map in addition to creating another original map for the competition

I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate any constructive feedback and criticism.

Link to workshop ->http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406035172






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It is unclear how you can rotate between bombsites, but if you just have to jump down, rotation is too short and people always will want to be at the top bombsite since they can scope out the two courtyards and it appears they can fall down real quick and with some cover to low bombsite courtyard entries. In my opinion, that could be misused. What I'd do would be to make sure that either it is too risky to jump down and retake the site, or to make sure the easiest way in the lower bombsite is the entry indoors.

I'll get back to you when I'll have the time to test it!

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Some Critic:

> The size of the map isnt very big and most of it is very open, so there isnt really any choke points. You basically just need to sit at the upper site and have free control of most of the map.

> The site's being so close together isn't a good idea. Rotation times are basically one second jumps, and there isnt really any advantage for choosing one site over the other. I would look at moving the lower site under the ground or at a different location all together. Overpass and Nuke is probably the closest examples to your layout idea, but even those suffer in rotation times in my opinion.

> Pretty simple building forms, not too much brushwork on the outsides of them, again I understand you mentioned you would be adding detail later so I'll leave that with you.

> Lighting seems a bit strong in certain areas, or bleeds to much. Try to add more subtle lighting in areas and make use of other lighting props over the site.


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what do the terrorists have against the bridge when there's a scientific laboratory all around waiting to be blown up?

As everyone already suggested, the bombsites are far too close together for this system, if you made it tall enough that falling off it would kill you then that's more interesting (but falling on a player's head or into shallow water will always prevent that).

imo, it looks more like a TF2 arena map, crossed with a shooting gallery. The layout needs some revising.

Detail looks OK, if a bit simple, but the lights are way too overpowering. Couple the lights with light_spot and use the light_spot to provide the majority of targeted light and have a low ambient glow with the light entity (intensity of about <50 should work)

EDIT: Oh, and the name. It's your name, but typically there aren't spaces in the name (replace with underscores) and one word names are a bit more snappy and memorable, and it helps even more if they're easy to pronounce.

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I'd like to thank you for the feedback and give my current stance on why I did some things as well as future plans.

To get the elephant out of the room, I chose the bombsites to be on top of each other in order to create a level of strategy in the rounds and to create what is essentially one bombsite but with two layers. Rotates to the bottom may be quick but can be easily countered by Terrorists (if the CTs jump) while planting on the top forces players to take the long inner routes in order to get back up. I will consider reworking this as Guni suggested to provide more separation between the two bombsites.

Camping in the upper bombsite, as Guni mentioned, was designed to be significantly weakened against bottom players especially players camping in the tower. The tower's window prevents players from shooting at bottom. I would like some play-tester feedback on this.

Detail is obvious. I will give the walls some needed touch up and depth. Lights will be dulled down to prevent early blindness.

And Jackophant, yes...... Xuhsh's Crossing is probably the silly name I have thought of for a map. I'll probably shorten it to Xuhsh or something within the tropical theme.

I hope this clears up what I had in mind for the map and I will appreciate more feedback. Thank you to those who have replied so far.


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The concept is novel, but having too much overlapping playable space can be a bad thing -- but only because of CS's horrible audio system, especially when it comes to Z-axis sound separation. For comparison's sake, Mist was a great map (I thought, at least!), but it really suffered because of this.

Faking plants and resulting (premature?) rotates would be really frustrating on this map because of the overlapping sites, IMO. I think being able to jump down to B from A also really breaks the general rule of CS bombsites having 2-3 entrances.

I think that if you were to remove one of the bombsites and reduce the outer bounds (move the spawns in, essentially), this could make for a fantastic Demolition mode map.

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ayyyy! I remember you from the Insurgency map contest! Anyway, pretty much what everyone's mentioning regarding suggestions.

Dont remember if deathmatch game mode is allowed for the competition but if so, it'd definitely be more conducive to the map. It's too open and packed together to be viable as a defusal map.

Good luck!

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