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Okay this is a new project i've started up with Tom.Havana is currently postponed but i'll definitly get back on it when i'm done with this.

Hospital was tested today and i'm not really satisfied with the playtest because of the teams and timings.I definitly should move T spawn a little closer but the main problem was one team was playing aggresivly while other just didn't know what to do (i might have failed here as a mapper because the defending spots weren't obvious enough :\ ) + the teams weren't balanced in numbers.




The visuals will change drastically i just placed some stuff so it doesn't look totally blocky for the playtest and the only reason i'm making this topic is so i can get the layout feedback.

I'm trying to make the layout minimalistic as possible but playable and fresh.

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Hey, I tested it earlier, and I would suggest mainly two things: the first one is about the extreme right path, as a CT you can jump down; but you can't jump up, and you end up having only two path to return.

The second one would be to add a connector, or moving your ladder a bit sooner on the return. Because you feel trapped in the path you chose..

That aside, it is playable and fast, I liked that.

Have you considered adding a third path at the opposite of your lobby? I thought about it, when playing!

Hope it helps :)

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Yeah i was thinking of doing this


Adding stairs on the right wing so Ts can go up but i'd make it super risky so they would have to think twice.

And adding another connector to the currenty connector making it more easy for Ts to move on their side.

I also shortened the T spawn path because it was one of the reasons chokepoints went wrong :\

The red part represents the one where Ts would dominate and the Blue/Purple Cts.

And yes my photoshop skills are on a mastery level

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If it's a CS map, why are you making the Ts run all the way to the hostages? Why not just let them spawn nearby them?

You could design the map to make it disadvantageous for T's to push like cs_office is. If the T's push they are cut off from help orare in large open areas with limited cover.

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I don't want that type of cs_ map where they instantly spawn close to the hostages.In general i hate cs_office i prefer agency & workout.Also the only reason i moved it back is for the chokepoint timings.And i don't really see a big of a problem if Ts can hold the "red" area i marked.But i'll ask for more playtests until i perfect it.

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Decided to get back on this with a completely new layout. We had a playlist today and I have learned a lot from it since I have never before made a cs_ map, so it was interesting to watch and see the results.









Here's the idea what i wanted to do:

Unlike the typical linear layouts i wanted to go vertical and make a 3 floor layout, where the hostages are at the "bottom - morgue" and "top" floor and the middle floor (where everyone starts) connects both of them.

I know a lot of people don't like vertical layouts because they can be really confusing (or scary since it's not a clover layout) i tried to make it as basic as possible tho with the last playtest i decided to go even more basic by removing that "ladder" entrance and shutting the whole path.This means that the only way for CTs to go down is via the garage -> elevator.The elevator will now be climbable so you can go out the way you came in.That also means the morgue will need changes with only 3 paths leading to it now.

Another thing i gathered from the playtest is that the people didn't like that the hostage zone because it was huge so i'll probably make it smaller but since i'm removing that ladder-path i might not really need to that (needs testing).

TL;DR layout will stay vertical with 3 floors, will remove the ladder path, the elevator will be climbable, hostage zone won't be so huge - this all might lead to more changes

If you have any other feedback, i'd appreciate it! :D 

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