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quite a few people at the office got one already. it looks very cool and the screen is great. I think if you have the cash, getting it would be a great way to watch movies on the go. I know Sony is releasing some of Sony Pictures movies direct to PSP, but other movies would be watchable in a variety of ways (read PSM's PSP guide this month for details).

I don't think many of the launch games have caught my interest. I'd like to play SSX3 or MX vs ATV on it. The ATV game launching with PSP is made by Climax and not Rainbow so I'll hold out for a better game. I might have a PSP game to launch sometime later this year, so if that happens I'll get one but I probably won't spend the cash now....

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My friend said the second shipment is $50 less and doesnt include spiderman 2, so ill go for that. I think its the sexiest gaming console ever. The WiFi multiplayer sounds awesome, the graphics are sweet, and the fact that you can look at porn on it makes it the best handheld imho.

The house next to me has WiFi and my laptop picks up her signal :-D

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