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i'm new here and im trying to make some advertising for my map.


workshop link


its the second one i've build for cs:go and i still like to do it.


its a hostage rescue mission setting place in a Colombian villa.

this is not a standard cs map.

1st of all its night so use the darkness as cover when you go back with a hostage.

2nd the rescue area is more wide and open than other maps.

3th go check it out and explore your self.


thanks Grtz Chaplin.be












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added some pictures because im sitting in the dark here :s

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looks pretty cool. Some of the models_made_out_of_brushes look very janky/1.6ish though.

Outside and some indoor areas look very dark too.I would suggest looking at the lighting on one of the night maps.

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i know the lighing needs to be fixed, but outside it has to be dark (really dark because we are playing in the night here)

the darkness in the yard was meant to be a cover system when you are running with the vip back to the rescue zone.

about the models, true true and true but after a while i will get more exp in building stuff like that.

about the size of the map.

the playable area is 6800 units long, 2750 units wide and 1000 units high (+-)

the thing is as a CT you have to rush towards the building to take a infiltrating position to go inside house (if you stay to long in the yard than the Terrors can push outside the building shooting everybody in the yard)

as a T you should just try to take defending positions inside the house letting no CT getting inside ( a bit like Rainbow six siege)

its ment to be a 5 on 5 map (you have lots of options to go inside the building and defend it aswell).



lighting is still a quick proces (+- 5 min) so when hdr is done everything should be looking better.


if there is a server play/testing this please let me know so i can join ; )


Thanks for the feedback already.

Grtz Chaplin.be

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I love the mood of this, reminds me of some Rainbow Six / Splinter Cell maps. A lot of shapes are very very basic though, PS2 basic :)

But eventhough the contrast of darker maps look better they can be a killer for playability. There's a reason the maps in rotation are quite bright. That said I'm not going to say it doesn't work without playing it :) I will check it out next time I'm in -game.

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I'm not sure, but I think that in cs go, you can compile hdr only while having the same visuals afterwards. At least I saw that somewhere in mapcore, and I tried it a bunch of times, and I got the same results while compiling in hdr only. That way you'll have your 5min of lighting compiling for hdr and you could have better results in the same amount of time (Hdr usually isn't very slow compared to ldr). If I'm wrong, do tell, but if I'm right it could help you a bit, at least I hope it will.

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oke so ive updated the map now. its called cs_Colombia_Bravo

it has more realistic lightings, alot of dark corners or more brightend up.

Vips are moved (2 in scarface room 2 masterbedroom and 2 in stairsroom.

T spawn is placed a tiny bit more backwards, CT spawn moved more to the house. (this way CT has more advantage entering the house)

also i added a big rock in the yard, this is to give more cover of shots being fired from the house.

i hope i've uploaded the custom textures and skybox aswell because they didnt come in the alpha version.

some people where saying they had weird glitches happing in the air (clouds, skybox) i hope i resolved them because they didnt occure in my version.










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Just saw this right now. Have you been inspired by the colombia map from global operations?


That would be awesome because I loved that map and tryed to remake it for css some years back (never made it though).

Good luck for the contest!

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