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The latest High-school massacre


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I blame the gun laws.

How come? Didn't he first shoot his grandfather, which was a policeman, and take his gun? It's more or less standard for police over there to carry some sort of firearm.

I really doubt that 1 police man got 2 pistols and 1 shotgun with him...

I'd blame the gun laws since almost every single person in the US can get a weapon without any problems at all, and it doesn't matter if its a semi auto or an automatic rifle when if comes to psychos (I think they are), they can kill with them anyway..

Lots of guns and lots of messed up people = Lots of killing.

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I blame bad parenting and the friends who did not speak up when the guy said he was thinking about doing it. If the dad wasn't a complete loser and killed himself he would've been a supportive fatherly figure. If the friends hadn't kept their mouthes shut and warned of this atrocity they would've saved many lives.

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