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[WIP] de_coast

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Again, big thanks for the feedback!

RaVaGe - great you posted that, since it became clear much more colour and contrast  was needed. I went for the third one though, since the sky and light matched more - so tweaked it to try and look more like moonlight. Added more colour and contrast. The map is really dark in the areas with shadow, so will have to find a way to get lights on the surfaces, especially higher up.

I was wondering if I should light up some of the castle windows, but then thought maybe it would look a bit out of place in areas where it is not possible to do so. Will do some tests.




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Surprised you'd hold back such a serious update until after the contest is over.

I think the overall map is solid, and any feedback I'm providing are ideas you could consider in a future update (or not!).

From playing this map casually it was a lot of fun, each route takes you on a journey. Can't speak personally for the competitive side of this map though after the latest update I think you've tightened up a lot of detailed areas and I'm sure future feedback will improve Coast regardless.

From a players perspective I think the B site has enough cover to compensate for any space you remove from A considering you're simply removing an angle both CT's and T's can easily take advantage of.


You could add wooden pillars underneath some squeaky wooden planks? Or maybe wooden pillars that have metal supports holding  a detailed metal grate brush vs. the current 2004 metal grate texture. The grassy area behind behind the grate seems unused so pulling the fence up? (just thoughts)


Okay now onto just simply visuals, and these are just personal preferences and ideas to think about (maybe even for the next project)

Inviting players into an area, personally I think sewers work though would somehow increasing the value of the area buy labeling it wine cellar vs a sewer.


Sounds really strange but green doesn't seem inviting, and for some reason I can't stop thinking fighting in a wine cellar would be more pleasing than being in a sewer. Warmer colors?


You've got real estate to work with to give this area some serious allure.


Going back through CT spawn to A and possibly seeing a city in the backdrop (seen at the docks in CT spawn)


A coast helicopter instead of a boat?


This is what the T's first see on their way to B, expanding on the theme gives this map some added originality (would probably also push mappers to create unique and detailed 3D skyboxes.

Again this map has an amazing 3D skybox already, the theory behind this idea is to cover any empty space.


APC on the bridge did a hell of a parking job, wouldn't think it's the most strategic spot to park but adding a road leading to the bridge? adds another layer over the current composition 


Great design, a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to having to win 32 rounds competitively during the next Operation   \ : P 

Fingers crossed X X 



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That's it! I've not been able to put my finger on it was until now, but Andre made me realise. It's the pale greeny lighting in places. It's been visually jarring me, but I couldn't work it out, especially the use of lights in the middle of the day.

Maybe this needs the technique plubo documented in his articles, the "ambient lighting boost".

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Nice map. Have not played it competitively. Feedback that I can give:

Would love to see a wooden door replace squeaky. Also, the stairs on the interior side of squeaky make peeking the doorway a little weird. Not sure if people are supposed to peek there, but if they are.

Coming from CT spawn, there is an "A" with arrows pointing opposite directions. The arrow on the right points to mid though.

It may be due to the thorough detailing elsewhere, but there are a few key spots where the floors look a little flat despite the nice texturing. A few carefully placed props/decals could make these floors pop more: http://imgur.com/a/k1iPV

You've invested heavily in laying down your clip, but I would do a serious pass on out-of-map bomb tossing when it comes time to nail that down. Don't forget!

The double arrows below are accurate but probably unnecessary just a few steps away from the site. The repeating arches next to the "A" could use small detail to break the pattern.


Keep it up!

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      Two new asset releases!

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      Second one is assets I've made for Pitstop. A small release that includes some road and concrete trim textures, a bunch of sponsors and some skybox buildings that might be useful.


      As always, free for non-commercial use with attribution. 
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