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[WIP] de_coast

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If I peek one of the angles I am exposed to the other one, I suggest that you remove the boxes to the left of the opening, or fill the whole area with boxes and remove the ability to stay behind them, making it look like a curved wall. And fix the playerclip by the railings in B, super annoying! Other than that I feel the layout is pretty amazing. B reminds me alot of mill, and it is nice to see a map where middle is super important for CT's, that little sewer passage is gold and control of middle for CT's gives T's two less paths to go. 



This room seems useless, and it is easy to be fooled by the minimap, the first time i ran around the map I thought it lead to the long pathway above it in the minimap. Regarding areas to save weapons, there are several spots in the map already, no need for that room. 



The T's have to check Pit and the corner where I am, again T's have to gamble and go into a 50/50 chance of choosing the right place I am camping.


i suggest you move the crate to the right, all the way to the corner (of the house, not all the way to the right, don't wanna block off vision down ramp at the right, that way T's can  clear that corner first and then clear pit. I really like pit and think it should stay, just like on inferno, it works for both teams, it is good for CT's, and also good for T's post plant. Your pit doesn't seem as broken as inferno's pit tho (Valve still haven't fixed the blue texture in pit, it's been three years you lazy.) 

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Awesome map, my favorite of the finalists. Well done!

I agree with the feedback from FMPONE and others regarding the dead zones on the map, all except for the pit at B; it may not be necessary, but I like it.

Image: Overlapping brushes at CT > B. The foliage on the left fades a little too soon in this connector as well.

Looking forward to seeing the final version of de_coast!


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Really appreciate the feedback guys, been working on a lot of stuff based on this and the reddit posts. Heat maps etc from the tests for those that like that kind of thing.


Also got some other issues reported from a really helpful guy - images here:


Got really burnt out fixing/improving stuff based on feedback yesterday. Still wanted to do work on the map, so did some first pass stuff of the night setting. Bit dark/flat in some places, but I need to get the point lights in to sell each area first, then start to tweak them along with the fog. I will be doing more over weekend, so will post more images.



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Did some skybox testing in one of the more open areas - all the settings are the same - just changed the sky with the sv_skyname command.



Anyone have any preferences for the best type to go for? I think these are the maximum ranges that can be had while keeping the dark theme. Will tweak things depending on what one is best.

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      Hello everybody!
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