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Project - Strike

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Hi guys, 

First post, so for starters: Hi!
Been a long time lurker, have loved looking at the WIP threads for many many years and have finally decided to post something.
Secondly, I've been working on a project and want to share. Most of the props/models I make after work and in a single go, so this doesn't represent my professional skill in anyway, no first second polish optimization passes, this is me fooling around. 
Hope you guys enjoy,


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3 shopfronts to go. 

Als redid my shader to use 2 detail maps. In this case the glass has a flat detail map on the glass, and a metal one on the rest. 
It used to be 1 texture for a color detail and 1 for the normal. 
It now does RG->normal B->spec A->roughness, times two, masked by an unused alpha from another texture. 




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