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We're back (no code view so I can't remove all the sodding spoilers!)

Cheeky little detail update with more information in the OP! FULL DE_STRADA_E4 PROGRESS ALBUM Any thoughts on the dusky/pinky light setting? It's a bit different to your typical day setting!  

The map has gone through some big changes but its still being worked on! Here is a concept picture to keep you guys happy!

Posted Images

Looks nice for your first attempt! Seems to tile nicely too. I think you have a real shot at wining this contest looking at the number of finished projects if you can get this done on time.

We will see if that is possible. It would be a miracle if we finish, seeing how all the detailing is being done with this month.

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I have been play your map, and its really have a good layout, it looks like simple & each both bombsite not too far. I really like especially on mid. I like B bombsite where the cover is not too much. Bombsite B on Inferno should like what you make, not too many corner : D

Cant wait for the update. I think this is gonna be my favorite map after de_dust2, and de_season.

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TL:DR I ran around the map but i havent played any comp matches, but middle control does not seem very rewarding to T's.


Even if the extra route to the second-mid area is beneficial, there is still no direct access to the elevated CT area (excluding boosting) 

---If you are comparing the top of CT mid to the sniper box on mirage, note that it is only elevated because of underpass, and that it is also accessible from ladder room/cat (aka the connector to b) 

Jungle technically is a sniper box connector, but its too exposed to A site to serve as a post-plant rotation route through mid(it would also remove importance from ladder room if was more concealed)---

If I were to change this I would add a wide route to snipersnest from B connector(that is exposed to site completely) and/or a one-way route to snipersnest from the squeaky area.

If you ever consider these changes, I know from experience that drastic layout changes like these are hard to come across. Maybe im just wrong.¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Im really impressed at all the help/critique you give to numerous other submissions (I lol'd at the "before jackophant has a fit" one)

EDIT:fyi in the sdk texture browser, when you search for the dev reflectivity% ones, the small square ones dont have any lines/text, just solid color(they all end with b ), i would recommend using those in the future

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into it, but we don't want to replicate mirage.

The smooth texture you talk is about is really about personal preference, and in this case I feel the smooth greys hide a lot of the detail. The lines give you a better idea of grounding and scale.

Thanks about the feedback, trying to lead by example :P

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Greetings all,

As we will be unable to submit Strada for the competition in a complete enough state we are officially withdrawing. The map will still be completed, but outside the scope of the contest.

Good luck to the rest of the participants, and may Hurg smile upon you all.

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