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de_Steinhausen (previously known as "Paderborn")

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This map was known as "Paderborn" before.

"Steinhausen" is a defusal map set in an old german village at the mountains. The map is mainly designed for smaller match ups, mainly 5vs5, but should also work okay with 10vs10 and supports up to 24 players. 

Steam Workshop link:


Steam Profile:


Version 1.1 (29.08.2015)


Version 1.0 (24.08.2015)


Remake (10.08.2015)

I remade the whole map from scratch to clean up everything, make some layout changes, and prepare it for better optimization.



Ready for playtesting (11.07.2015)

Bombsite A went through the most changes and I am still not happy with the pile of crates in the middle, but I couldn`t think of anything else so far to create that type of cover. 

For this bombsite I took some inspiration from bombsite B on cache.


This is the area before bombsite A. The timings are still off. What I wanted to do is create an area like ramp on Nuke, an area before the bombsite which the terrorists have to take first, but can use to spread out to the whole map.


Map Overview.


Overpass on Bombsite B.


The terrorists entrance to Bombsite B. Both sides can also boost over the wall.



Orange-/Greybox (05.06.2015)

Map Overview:


For this map I wanted to reward players who like to flank and can think of creative ways of faking/taking a bombsite. I want to combine many ideas of my previous maps to create the best map I have ever done. That is also why I hope my map will be playtested.


Bombsite A:


For bombsite A I first didnt have a fresh idea, so I took an idea from a Black Mesa map I was working on. Now after some revisions it now looks much different than it did at first but the thing that makes it fun (hopefully) is still there. That is the sniper tower at the back, but you can only reach it from the bombsite itself, there is no safe route to it. As a CT you have enough time to go up there, but even up there you will be at risk because of the low amount of cover, but on the other hand you can watch every spot on the bomb site. Thats a little bit like heaven on Train. As a terrorist you can risk going up there after planting the bomb, but might get killed at the process. If you make it though you have a very powerful position.


Bombsite B:


I had the idea about a bridge which spans over the whole map. From that bridge people can rotate easily and also watch many positions. Later I made the bridge a little bit smaller, but now it also goes to bombsite B which hopefully will create some dyamic battles and also give some varied potential positions to hold the bomb.




On the top left you can see the bridge which leads to bombsite B and to the area before bombsite A. So far there isnt that much special about the middle though, I went for a classic approach. I thought about making it a little bit like banana from Inferno.


CT Spawn and T Spawn are currently just empty, so they arent worth talking about now.

Planning and Layout

Rough Layout planning:


Early plans:



before Bombsite B:                                                                                                                Bombsite B:


Final changes to Bombsite B:


preliminary Layout:


Later changes I did on the fly while mapping without makes sketches first

Reference photos





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I don't know what you are doing for reference pictures, but I feel the theme lacks in consistency. You've used the wooden log piles in a few places (ideally suited to being against walls, partly because it's got a bad hit box and shows body parts all around it), followed by stacks of bricks and then large boxes laying on their side in corridors they probably have no place being in?

I'll tell you what it feels like looking at it right now, a quake map in some parts.

I'm unable to comment on gameplay other than it looks a bit small. The use of "bot_show_battlefront 1" would be interesting as well as some rough info on timings.

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I can post my reference photos. They are actually screenshots from Wolfenstein The Old Blood, now everyone will probably say "wtf man are you stupid?". Also the map has no detail yet, because I want it playtested first. I thought crates are okay, because they are also in other maps and official maps?

I don't know what "bot_show_battlefront 1" is, but it sounds interesting and I will try it out. Also I could give some info on timings, but so far I just have rough numbers in my head. And yes the map is really small compared to official maps, and I wasn't actually going for that first, but now I think I will stick with it because even at this stage the map is a insane amount of work I didn`t expect (this is not my first map). The map "seaside" proved that small maps can work :).

I'm not sure if "it looks like a quake map" is negative or neutral, but I guess it's kinda negative? (at least to succeed in this contest)

Oh and one last thing: You judge the consistency of the theme only by 3 props? I don't see how that is relevant to the whole theme of the map AND I don't think that they break the consistency, but don't get me wrong, I'm not an expert. I'd just appreciate a bit more detailed feedback on that :) (I appreciate your feedback anyway!!!)

And because my comment still might sound a bit too ungrateful I just want to repeat: Thanks for trying my map :D

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map updated. 

- made mid more tight
- moved the big pillar at mid
- moved T spawn further back
- added another route from T spawn to A
- changed lighting

The green lines show where T and CT meet first, very rough picture.



Is it okay if I make a new post when I update the map? Or do you consider it as a cheap way to bump my thread :)?

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Big update. Huge progress since last time. I hope that allows me to make this bump post.

Post away dude!

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The map has been updated!

- reworked bombsite B
--- double doors replaced with windows
--- removed bridge
--- made the house with the window inaccessible
--- rearranged cover
--- made wall unwalkable
- widened path from CT to B
- made room from CT to A bigger
- added cover to long A
- added cover to "Mid to A"
- closed off bridge
- sealed off balcony
- bugfixes, exploit fixes

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layout is the same size and I don't know what you mean with "fix" the wallbangs, the wallbangs I know of are intended. Btw the demo and log file are still not up, so I have no idea what people said about this map in the playtest.

Oh and one more thing: In this version of the map, terrorist have control over both houses. This creates 2 layers for the map, one for CT, one for T, those 2 layers are kinda like a big map if you put them at the same level back to back if you know what I mean :). Yeah it would be probably better if it was bigger, but I think it works, at least 5v5.

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