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[CS:GO] de_flashbeng

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Judging by some of the submissions here, it looks like it is ok to post a map for the competition here as well, to get some more feedback? Let me know if it's not, and I'll remove the post. :)

De_flashbeng is a map aimed at providing a good and fun to play layout for 5v5 competitive defuse. This is my first map ever for CS:GO, but I've made maps for other games, such as Quake 3.

The theme will consist of some sort of village, housing the flashbang production and storage of the local GIGN squad. The terrorist-group "Seperatist" have grown tired of their preaching, and have decided the blow it all skyhigh, proving that the correct term is "flashbank", once and for all. Haven't really decided on where to go with the architecture, but I'm thinking a lot of grass/rock combination, with wooden houses that has grass on the roof. We'll see. :)

As of now, the map consists of no special detailing, and I'm looking for feedback on the layout itself. CT's usually arrive a few seconds earlier than T's at each bombsites if both team rushes there.

Discussion points:

  • Bombsite A might be a bit too close to T spawn. CT's arrive a few seconds earlier.
  • Mid route to A is currently blocked off, as to prevent too many ways to get around the map. Maybe it should be open?
  • The house in the middle with the suspended walkway was open for players at one point, but after some playtesting I "locked" the doors, as I felt it made the map too complex. Thoughts?

Workshop-link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454050197

Screenshots (more in the workshop link): 


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Quite the setting i like a more comical setting to a boring serious one :P, with name like that you should make sure there are lots of windows and angled surface to bounce interesting pop-flashes off. 

​Thanks! I agree. :D Most of the houses contain angled roofs that's been designed to allow players to bounce grenades off. There's also some parts where the floor has been raised or lowered to allow players to throw grenades on them. :)

I've playtested the map a lot by checking where I can smoke key areas of the map, using the limited details currently in there. I love a good smoke. :D

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