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[WIP] de_progeny

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Introduction: Sup guys, FUNK here. I present to you de_progeny. This map has been in the works for a few months--took so long because I'm a very new mapper, as I'm still trying to learn the ropes.

de_progeny is not a straight-up Prodigy reskin; it started out as a 1:1 remake but in my effort to competitively optimize the map, the layout has been completely changed and now I can only call this map an homage to the old classic. Progeny is meant to support a variety of playstyles; yes, it takes completely indoors but make no mistake, there is no lack of tactical potential.

Backstory: After an unknown but severe military accident occurs in the Progeny facility, the underground complex is set to be decommissioned. Terrorists have taken advantage of major security gaps and infiltrated the facility via submersible to destroy remaining military assets, and special forces have been dispatched to intercept the terrorists. 







Other Links:



Steam workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=509693599


I'd appreciate it you guys would leave feedback or just your opinion on how this map is! 



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I think we can allow your entry given what I'm seeing here.

I would never have guessed that was prodigy

​Absolutely fantastic to hear all of this. Thanks!

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