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[CS:GO] de_orion

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About the map: Orion is defusal map set in a United Kingdom-owned testing facility located deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia. 


Overview: (note that the T spawn is not placed over a area, as I had just recently moved their spawn back in the latest version)






The long route to B:


And for anyone interested the current timings are:

A - 9/10 seconds both routes
B - 9/10 seconds
Mid - 9 seconds

A - 13 seconds to site both routes
B - 17 seconds to site
Mid - 9 seconds



While I have not pushed Overgrowth out as an open playtest currently, and have only been extensively playtesting with bots and small groups of friends, I have been waiting to receive initial feedback from first glances at the map before attempting to get a proper playtest going. 


Feedback: I am completely open to any type of feedback whatsoever, be it radical or minute and am willing to overhaul entire sections or areas of the map in order to create a balanced and well-playing map. I do understand that in its current state the map may appear entirely too busy with foliage props and details, and am currently exploring ways to maintain a proper balance to this so that players do not become lost or distracted while still maintaining the proper "overgrown" aesthetic. 


I will be most likely uploading a playtestable version at somepoint during this weekend for anyone to run around, test a few rounds with bots, etc. There are a few changes I feel I need to make first and an update to the radar as well. 


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It's already taken if I remember right also.

However yours look way better than the already existing one :) For extensive feedback, I'll wait to play it though! Because shadows with foliage can cause readability issues

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Although I generally like it and I know it's not a finished product, I find a bit weird/clashing the old and new structures; (a) for the way they are mixed (I would expect to see a more clustered set old and new buildings, with some new additions to old buildings that have been re-purposed) and (b) the new buildings seem too clean to have so much plants growing in (although it's true that Nature takes back quickly).

I'd have a look at I Am Legend and Bionic Commando to perfect the aesthetics ;)

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Looks interesting but the name is waaay too close to de_overgrown.

​To be honest this had completely escaped my mind and now I've been looking into different possible names, although in the end it doesn't matter to me too much what the name becomes over everything else.


A few possible names I had thought up, (I'll take any suggestions as well considering I'm not quite so good at coming up with creative ones)

de_undergrowth - lame but could differentiate from overgrown more strongly while maintaining the same theme/feel as overgrowth

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What does the facility test? The name could come from this.

While perfectly viable the names you have listed, they do sound quite generic.

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Updated the radar and threw it up on the workshop. Here's what the updated radar looks like and a download file if anyone wants to run around for a bit.

Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=452705075



Visibility is my main concern at this point and there are already a few spots I've noticed that need to be changed so that players are not invisible. If anyone finds any spots that are near impossible to spot players, please let me know. 


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Just some feedback:

This head-peek in mid could be OP


This sliding door thing is nice, but I initially overlooked it as a route, and could be quite problematic for gameplay.


Moving around this thing is really awkward.


You can jump onto the windows on the bridge at B and up onto this ledge, I think this should be clipped


This angle at B could be OP


64 unit boxes are bad, make them taller or shorter, 64 unit boxes lead to head peeks like this:


All of the stairs on the map seem really small?


This angle on A could be OP


This thingy on A could be a little too high up?


The next few images are a game of spot the player!





Anyway, back to angles, this angle in mid could be OP.


This area at B is really unreadable, I think a fence or something should at least be there so players know they cannot stand there.


Map looks promising, good luck mapping!

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I had a quick game with bots and I like the general flow and the atmosphere.

As for Visibiliy:

It's pretty dark inside most of the buildings and under those bridges. Also the different areas all look alike.

Keep at it, it's a solid base to build apon.

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