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[CS:GO] Space Marble Unlimited


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Space Marble Unlimited

So, this is a little bit of an exotic spin-off gameplay type in the CS:GO world. What I'm talking about is my Marble Track that was entered for the GameBanana's Marble Track Redux Contest (http://gamebanana.com/blogs/17823).

The idea for this marble track comes from nothing more than the fact that planets are round, making them one of the most perfect marble balls to use (and a big thanks to James Hastings-Trew of which I received permission for using the planet textures in my project).


Before we hop onto the images: Support this map on the workshop (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=449205537)













It currently features:

  • An unlimited supply of marble balls that can manually be added
  • 9 planets and sun + moon totalling 11 different marble balls
  • An extensive track that is completely regular and looped
  • Fully automatic. Add balls and enjoy!
  • Anti-stuck & anti-fall systems (which are as good as they can be)
  • 5 soundtracks which are played randomly


Regardless of efforts, these are some of the things that could happen:

  1. Balls can get stuck into the collision at the divider. They will be thrown out until it's free again.
  2. Balls can get piled up in the blockpart just before entering the first ferry wheel. They WILL unpile them, it could even take up to a minute, but thanks to the extra siderooms added they can now unstuck themselves. Happens rarely.
  3. Balls can potentially get stuck in the ferry wheel ONLY if it's overloaded with 3 or more balls in a slot. Happens very rarely but if it does, don't worry as it will spew them out until it rotates again.
  4. Rarest case (only saw it happen once) is when 2 balls collide at the opening slot at the second extremely long push up (after having gone down the starspiral in the cylinder. It DOES undo itself but could take over 10 mins (as it was for me). If you don't want to wait that long, restart the map (or kill yourself).
  5. Very rarely, a ball may block the rotator before the long star cylinder, causing a pileup in the previous track and blocking all balls. Waiting out more than 5mins is possible, but it WILL unstuck.
  6. Randomly, a ball might lose collision. This is a CS:GO specific behaviour and cannot be fixed. It happens so rarely that you'll probably won't even notice unless you were close by.


Load up the map, and noclip yourself (enable sv_cheats). You can remove your HUD and viewmodel with the button(s) below the planetary spawning platform. (Where also a (useless) noclip and music muter button are).
Enjoy as you go along the track. Observe the balls and how they travel through the tracks. You cannot move the balls nor block them in any fashion. The balls are server sided, henche why there's only one human slot...
You can add extra balls as many as you want! There is one button per planet. Additionally, there is a large button on top of the spawning platform to spawn 10 marble balls at one time. Spawning until the entity limit is reached is at your own risk as it will crash the game and send you to desktop.
Music will not play if you have music on 0, but if you have music enabled and want it muted anyway, there's a button for that.


I tested up to 500 marble balls at which point my FPS runs at a stable 100 (as opposed to 224). As soon as balls pile up somewhere (see aforementioned points) it can go to well under 5fps. Waiting out helps in almost all cases, except for one of them listed as well. Other than that, you can keep on adding until your PC is satisfied. Depending on the CPU, it can vary wildly.


I hope you'll like the map. If there is anything you'd like to say or bring feedback, that's always appreciated!

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