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!Request - Texture for Info


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I want to use this picture (doesnt have to have all of it in it) with text on it. I want to have it so it will show up good in my counter-strike map.

I've made this as an idea, if anyone could do this I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance

Text doesnt have to look like that but I like it so that would be a plus :D


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whoa love the flame. Anyway I really had no clue on how to do that kind of thing. I found out from a friend and its really easy. Those who found it amusing to try to insult me to look better... well it's just sad. I just wanted help that's all. To Bic: I accutally make maps for different mods and I put a lot of work into it. I just simply didnt understand the wad/texture thing until now. Anyway cya later.

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be nice guys :( we don't wanna turn into counter-strike.net we really are above them.

its late and i skipped over stuff but try wally.

u will have to excuse klein eXiSt he's german!!!~~~!~!11111oneoneoneoneoneoneeone!!!!!!11

postman die!!! :P

wat fonts the cartoon like texts D:~ dats pretty cool may i nick it :)

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