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Horizon Chase: The classic racing genre is back in full shape.


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Hi Guys! I'm very proud to reveal to you all at first hand our brand new self-published title: Horizon Chase!


Any feedback is welcome! Below follows our press release for you first hand: 





A love letter to all the fans of 8 and 16 bit racing games.
Porto Alegre, Brazil. 12th May 2015

Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio announces Horizon Chase, a homage to the 80s and early 90s classic racing genre.
"Our ambitions with this title are to bring back the fast paced gameplay, colourful graphics and responsive controls that we truly enjoyed as players with gems like Out Run, Top Gear and Lotus Turbo Challenge." - Amilton Diesel, Technical Art Director and Co-Founder at Aquiris Game Studio.



“We felt the need to play an old school racing title with simple but super thrilling gameplay, stylized graphics and vibrant music. We found that there was no game in the market that completely fullfilled our needs as players, so we decided to develop our own alternative, even recreating the technical limitations of the late 80s / early 90s racing games. Horizon Chase will offer a premium experience (no free to play), a huge variety of scenarios, all inspired on real world locations and allowing for crazy speed. Unlock new circuits, cars and upgrades, all to make a name for yourself in this competition.” - Sandro Manfredini, Business Director at Aquiris Game Studio.

You can download screenshots of the game here.

A soundtrack that captures the spirit of the classics.

We have the pleasure to have Barry Leitch (1970, Scotland) working with us on Horizon Chase from his studio in Ohio (USA). Barry is a living legend for us, well known for having composed, among around a hundred titles, the soundtracks for classics as Top Gear, Lotus Turbo Challenge and Rush videogame series. Being absolute fans of Top Gear for SNES, it is a real gift for us to have the original composer on board. He wanted to write some words on his collaboration with Aquiris.

"It’s quite surreal to find that a piece of your work is sort of famous in one particular country (Top Gear SNES / Brazil). It’s even more surreal to see people take that work to the next level and play it live on stage or the hundreds of videos of people playing it on guitar youtube. I cannot explain what an honor it is to have that happen.”





“Aquiris asked me to create a new soundtrack in the spirit of the old Top Gear SNES music and not to be afraid to reference my other works, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 or Rush 2049 (N64). 'Make it sound like the tunes you did 24 years ago, but re-imagined in the 21st century', they said. The title tune was the first I wrote for the game, so I went back and listened to my old Top Gear music, and I just started composing, letting the music write itself.

Here you can listen to Horizon Chase Main Theme.

I added some more modern sounds, and given that playing the original has become almost a rite of passage for guitar players in Brazil, I went with a heavier, guitar / retro synth lead. While writing it, I would literally close my eyes and imagine Nino Megadriver playing it live on stage... It was fantastic to get to come back and re-imagine the soundtrack without all the original hardware limitations, but at the same time, really take advantage of the retro theme and create some new memories as the title tune is really just the start of the musical adventure I wanted to take people on...  (Warning – don’t play it while you’re driving in your car.. you WILL drive too fast !!).

Every note of every arpeggio was entered by hand with love  <3 The same love the people of Brazil have shown me over the years..."



We are Aquiris Game Studio, a Brazilian developer based in Porto Alegre. With 8 years of history and around 40 employees, we have been creating games for a broad range of platforms, from browser to PC and mobile. Our big focus since the very beginning has been on delivering the best artistic and technical quality for all the publishers and clients who hired us. Now with Horizon Chase, the studio is taking a step further into the wild world of self-publishing, with a game that really translates our passion for classics.










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Thanks guys!

The game as it is right now will be released for mobile, yeah, however we are very close into finishing a PC version and you may even see it on consoles as a digital download! That's exciting news for us since it'll be the first to me we self publish something as well as the first time we release something on those platforms!

I'll pass your compliments along to the team. We did post a making off of the background art a while back, you can find it here: http://horizonchase.tumblr.com/post/116490627661/palm-island-background-making-of

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Nice art style! So this is what would happen if a Sega Mega Drive and an N64 went out on a secret date  :D .


Does your background art guy regularly go to work with just a hat and no clothes on? 

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Does your background art guy regularly go to work with just a hat and no clothes on? 


It's a tropical country, we all pretty much work like that  :v

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Hi guys!

I hate to come asking for votes as much as I hate these kinds of popularity contests, but we have the unprecedented chance to get a booth to showcase our game, at Gamescom.

Only the most followed and voted games will be considered for the exhibition, so we really need your support! please register on Playfield's website and click the "follow" button on our game page:



We are in fourth place now and you could really help make the difference!


Thanks a lot!


You can also find a few short interviews about the game below, as well as a bunch of images, wips and random stuff in our tmblr: http://horizonchase.tumblr.com/










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Game is finally out! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Here is a great game review that highlights the concepts we where going for from the very beginning!



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