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Heroes of the Storm


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Just thought I'd start a thread for Heroes of the Storm, the game formally known as Blizzard All Stars which was finally (re)announced today at Blizzcon :) I worked briefly on it a while ago before moving to the Starcraft II team, check it out:



Website with more info and beta sign up: http://www.heroesofthestorm.com/en-us

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I'll keep saying it till I'm blue in the face but Blizzard never fail on good cinematics.


So this is basically blizzards version of dota?


Yeah it definitely meets that description. It's interesting to see the MOBA-scene turn into a frenzy. More competition for League, we'll see what happens I guess.

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I like it.


I see LoL as a very casual version of DotA, but still following the same overall design.

I see Dota 2 as the exact same as DotA, but with different visuals and a great emphasis on the community (great support to competitive game streaming, specific interfaces to improve the spectators' experience, etc). But of course, since the last patch, it looks like Valve's game is dis-attached to the original mod.


In Blizzard's case, it seems they decided to make something different: shorter matches (half the time than what an average Dota 2 match lasts?), created different maps, added a new floor to them (in one of the videos we see a player going to the lower ground to search for skulls) and, for what I understood, certain quests that reward the team who completed to push forward towards their main goal. No last hitting could make the game more casual, but I don't know how well that combines with the new maps to achieve a casual experience. Being able to change a hero's ultimate skill could be interesting.


I loled when they said "hero brawler genre". Come on. Just say "dota"! Riot likes to call it "MOBA". I think Valve calls it "ARTS". Can't these companies just be fair with gamers and call the genre the same term? We all know it's dota. And that is an ARTS. We don't call FPS a "soldier shooting genre".

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