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Assassin's Creed 7 “Victory”


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I ended up skipping Unity after the launch issues, so I expect to be highly blown away by this. :D

I haven't genuinely gotten into an AC since AC2, which I played to death. Maybe I just burnt myself out on the formula. I'm kind of feeling ready for it again though.

London is a potentially excellent setting, although I expect that it'll mean little non-city play. I wonder if the characters will all have French accents this time. :cool:

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I was bummed out from the first one and never wanted to play any other, just because it wasn't what it was first announced to be.


But I must confess I was a little tempted by Black Flag and Unity, guess the lush graphics on top of everything. But also the action, I mean I always liked from AC the incredible traversing and fight was decent. It's just that they kept pumping it with stuff that clearly just serves the purpose of boosting game length instead of making it better.


Think that if it was much shorter, I would put my hand on the wallet.




Through Gamespot newsletter just found out it's actually called Syndicate



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I'm sort of looking forward to this. Not even a big fan of AC but AC:U was just such an inspiring game for me as an environment artist. I must have spent 40-50 hours in the game just looking at things.


Hah same here, whenever I actually started playing missions my enjoyment would usually go down considerably tho, so I'd spend most of my time just looking for collectables :) The co-op was really good tho.


Curious about this one, I really like that games in these historic settings are being made with these kinds of production values, I just wish that the part where you actually play the game was enjoyable. Hopefully this one will be different :v

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I don't know how the story compares. Was the first AC i played after AC1 and only watched my nephews play the other ones every christmas for a bit. Personaly i cared more for the environments and atmosphere then for the story. The free DLC was quite nice albeit a little short. I would say if you can get it at a discount and have a beefy PC to run it in all its glory then you get enough bang for the buck out of it. It's not a game that i would buy at day 1 full price for gameplay reasons only but its well worth it if you can get something out of studying the art.

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