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[CS:GO] Packing Custom Content?


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Hi guys, I followed this tutorial and everything works absolutely great http://www.tophattwaffle.com/custom-content-without-contamination/, It compiled from my Google Drive project folder nicely. But now I have custom models in the csgo folder (it has to be setup this way, Wallworm doesn't compile to any other directory) and I was wondering how I could possibly add everything from my Google Drive folder AND from the 2 custom folders in csgo itself which are both called myproject and they are in models and materials, those are however only for custom models. I'm clueless and I can't properly compile now because I have made a custom model so far and I can't seem to get them both to add up nicely. Any savvy guy out there when it comes to custom content? If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about or what kind of setup I am using you can check out that link

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Working on tutorials this month and won't be able to look into who practical this is to add into WW. You may get away with this by copying gameinfo.txt from your mod folder to the desired output location, as I think WW simply uses the folder housing the gameinfo.txt folder for deciding where final content goes. In that case, you can try changing the global Game Info Dir setting in WW to the folder housing your altered destination path.


I think using the non-game folder is a very good idea if you are using 3rd party content created by others because you have no control over where they came from and how they are named. That seems to be one of the main purposes of using TopHat's approach, as well as using Dropbox.


For all of your own content, the bast practice is to properly namespace your folders to you/your team. So instead of using the folder "myproject" use something like "yoursteamname" or "yourwebdomain.com". Done this way, it is unlikely to encounter and naming conflicts. And in my opinion, I can never think of anything I make as a contamination.


This, of course, doesn't solve the scenario of using Dropbox, which only uses one path, but I do think that you can still use the multiple folder locations with Google Drive.


Anyway, let me know how you get with setting custom paths. I'll experiment with this at some point too.

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Hopefully I got you right.

It sounds like your problem could be that you didn't add all your project folders under search paths in the csgo_dev's gameinfo.txt ( tophatwaffle's no. 7)

I'm using his method together with googledrive and it works just fine. Take your time and go through the tutorial again  - it will work eventually.

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Ok, I had this situation with one of my maps (CSGO btw) where I had ripped about 1800 insurgency props, pakrat thinks that you only need the .dx90 version of a model file along with the .mdl for it to work (and the texture of course), for some props (such as ported alien swarm props) this is fine, but for the insurgency props I had, they would show up solid black in the game, To fix this, I used VIDE (pakfile lump editor) to pack the files




I opened my bsp and scanned the files that it used, I then scrolled through and added all the files I needed, the ones that pakrat and other programs think would have to be packed show up in yellow, if you order them by file name, you will see that there are actually other files that you need




This image should explain it well

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