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[CS:GO] Caliente


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Hello mapcore, casual mapper here! I've been lurking for a few months while working on my own project and figure it's time to upload it for your disection!


Caliente is a demolition map with a western (eventually) theme.


My current thoughts on the maps are:

  • Might be too big
  • Too empty

On a side note that giant crates are currently just being used as obstacles until I can proper obstacle.


Anyways! Below you will find the link to the workshop page and some quick screenshots.





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There are very big sight lines in the two bottom parts of the overview you posted. That will cause optimization issues and may not create a good sensation for players (running long corridors) and may even make enemy players too small in the distance, thus giving awps a big advantage.

I haven't played it, I don't have much time, but It would be nice in order to receive good feedback to stamp A/B site on the overview, give a small description of the images or post a video.

I know it is not nice to recognize, but many of us are lazy or don't have much time or interest to answer layout threads because they take a lot of time and thought. Once you've got a full functional version you may want to test it with players and ask about their feelings, or exchange thoughts about mutual works with other mappers. Not many people give their time for free for something as time consuming as layout design, so the best way to receive it is reciprocity or hype.

Good luck!

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