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first map a few questions and pictures


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hi guys,


i am still working on a simpsons house. here are some screenshots of what it looks like now:

http://img4web.com/g/XD4Zits a screenshot gallery, click to enlarge.



here is what i need help with:


-the doors are round at the top so i made them out of 3 parts as u can see here 8JY78. if i open the door by using the handle nothing happens, if i use the bottom part of the door it works, but if i use the top of the door only the top moves. i made the biggest part the parent and assigned the other 2 parts to it. i did it this way once and copied the door. how can i get every part of the door to open the complete door? can i simply merge the two brown parts somehow? FIXED


-these GSW1UL A14JJV mirrors were my first test based on a mirror tutorial. they reflect quiete alot of the environment, but the cause errors.

does anyone know how to make bugless mirrors for cs go? they dont need to reflect the own player model.


-just before i made these pictures i started experimenting with the lighting in the livingrooms as u can see here P3NKUL X1KQ6G (the lights look pink because they are in glass displacements with a red sceiling fan ) how could i make a displacement illuminate my rooms without the pinkish color? could i give it a color to make the light look more white?  FIXED :)


-i need a better way to make trees, these 5F6TL8 XF7EHF are just to mark the spots.



i would appreciate if anyone feels like helping me with this. also feel free to leave comments on the map, but please be nice about it ;)

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If the door is in three pieces you can select all three and make it all one func_door_rotating?


Thanks, i just tried this out and it works perfectly :) this must be the one right way to do it.


if anyone helps me with the mirrors i think i can manage most of the rest alone ;)

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doesnt anyone have a good idea how to make proper mirrors? i used this :


"$basetexture" "cs_opera/miroir" 
"$translucent" 1 
"$refracttexture" "_rt_WaterRefraction" 
"$refractamount" "-0.1" 
"$refracttint" "[1 1 1]" 
"$reflecttexture" "_rt_WaterReflection" 
"$reflectamount" "0.1" 
"$reflecttint" "[1 1 1]" 
"$fresnelpower" "1" 
"$minreflectivity" "1.0" 
"$maxreflectivity" "1.0" 
"$normalmap" "cs_opera/miroir_normal" 
"$surfaceprop" "glass" 
"$bumpframe" "0" 
it does work but thre has to be a better solution that wont sometimes instantly turn the mirror into an xray machine.
maybe a few modifications coud get this to work as it should?
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