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[csgo] de_flip - I haz questions


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Hey there, Mapcore community!


I recently (~1 month ago) started to make some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps. It's a lot of fun, but I never reached a point where I "finished" a whole map, simply for the reason because I never liked the whole layout.


de_flip (I might change the name later on) is my latest layout, following the A - mid - B pattern. When I was done with the main layout, I started thinking about a "unique" theme: a German historic district ("Altstadt" as we would call it in German). I have enough examples, but I'm not sure how to make my map look good.


This is the current version of map (without details) - the yellow lines show areas which are hidden:




This is, what the buildings should look like:





Sooooo do you guys have some good tutorials on how to detail levels or on how to make/find your own textures? What do you think about the layout?


As I said, I would call myself a noob.



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Try checking out 3kliksphilip tophattwaffle on YouTube. Also, maps don't just take 1 week to finish. They take time :)

Didn't know tophattwaffle yet! Thanks for the suggestions


(and sure, this map is far from done, will take some months  :cool: )

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