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Uni project buildings


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Just a couple of building models I've knocked up for my uni project. Keep in mind I'm not a modeller and my modelling prowess is still rather lacking, but thats not a huge issue considering we are being marked on the game and not the quality of models (though the better I can make them, the better!). Note that the skins are just made up of textures ripped from HL2 or public domain libraries - learning modelling is enough of a challenge for the time being, let alone 2D art!


This one was my first attempt at modelling and skinning a building, so I took a look at Fabi's little RTS house model and kinda based it off that. I'll probably redo this one as the skin looks like shite and the peripheral models (crates and barrels) will probably be done as seperate props that I will then add with our level editor. The skin is 512x512, though you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise :D It has 290 polies as seen below, but without the barrels and crates its only 160...



My second effort is a tad better. It again has a single 512x512 skin, and this one uses 340 polies.


I'll post others as I make them. My current workrate seems to be building the model one day, then unwrapping and skinning the next, but more because I'm too lazy to do all steps at once than because it takes me too long :)

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Hmm, I guess I could probably make room for a wooden beam texture somewhere, particularly on the first model's skin. As for the wooden upper floor part of the second building, I thought the same myself but it was actually used frequently in Ravenholm as a wall texture, and it is named "wood_wall", so I reckon I've got my bases covered :D Thanks for the advice though, I'll be sure to take it on board.

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