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[Broforce] Radio Tower Rampage


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[broforce] Radio Tower Rampage

This weekend I sat down and tried out the Broforce editor, today I wrapped it up and uploaded it to the Steam Workshop!

Steam Workshop Link:


If anyone of you owns the game I'd be super happy if you could play it and gimmie some feedback!

Here's some screenshots and a mega screenshot I compiled of the map:


















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looks pretty cool!

Thanks Vivi! :D


I don't have the game but the screenshots look damn nice. Makes me wanna rewatch "the expendables" :-D

Thanks! :) you should totally get the game when it's on sale, worth every dime! And yes, it is very much like "the expendables" in terms of action overload!

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You totally should! It does have some kind of memory leak so you gotta restart it once in a while but other than that it's 'delish!


I'll be sure to check out this map. I play Broforce regularly. Hit me up on Steam if you want to play.


That'd be supar' sweet! Tomorrow night maybe? (Sunday)

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