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Star Wars Battlefront

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I honestly dont know why people are so upset. They have rebranded it as a multiplayer game, so what? Do you really need a thousand maps to feel validated in your purchase? Dota 2 has one map and I'm c

I get what you're saying jackophant, but in all honesty I don't think DICE is even doing that much. Like with Battlefield, the footage really does speak for itself and people are unsurprisingly spreading it like wildfire. Every thing that I've thought to myself about this game — hopes that you get to pilot the signature vehicles, that you can play as a lightsabre-orientated class, etc — are all being fulfilled.

It's clear that DICE is resting heavily upon its own laurels by incorporating a lot of Battlefield-esque gameplay into it, but in this case I think that is exactly what the majority of people want. After all, Battlefield is an extremely mature and fun series, and its brief foray into more futuristic theming with Battlefield 2142 and the Battlefield 4 DLC was great but needed to be taken much further. Star Wars and Battlefield are just a match made in heaven.

They probably should have just called it Star Wars Battlefield though. :cool: 

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I'd agree with @Sprony

What really concerned me was the guy spraying down people (literally holding down mouse 1) with a machine gun (gattling laser?) from across the map. No recoil or anything. There might be some balance issues at the moment.

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Whaaaaaaaaaaat, no post since the beta started? Have some of you guys played it yet?

The day before the official beta launch, i was actually disappointed by some of the gameplay videos. It looked boring and too arcady. But when i actually jumped into the game myself, i was pleasantly surprised. Apart from the great graphics and dope sound, it's really a fun experience and even quite tactical if you want to play that way.

The Walker Assault(?) mode can be confusing and chaotic at times. It feels like a reverted Rush gamemode from the Battlefield franchise, but all of the sudden, loads of enemies are behind you and spawnraping the shit out of you. In the end you're really confused where you have to go to do the right thing. If it's being played like supposed on the other hand, it's all fine.

The Drop Zone mode feels more like a competitive team experience due to the smaller teams and tighter level(s). Although it can be pretty unfair at times, because of very varying spawn points. It's great fun and often leads to very close matches. Jetpack, Shield and Nade OP btw :P

What really is a big negative for the game, is the missing option to switch teams while being on the server. It's super frustrating if you just want to play with a friend and the server puts you in different teams. If DICE won't implement that, i will be really sad, because i changed my opinion and really plan on getting the game. DO IT :P

The other point which is annoying, is the whole party stuff to join a server. A lobby system like in CS:GO would be way more fitting imo. Also the online list ingame, just loads once when you start the game. If a friend starts the game, when you're already ingame, he won't show up. But i think this will be fixed soon.

All in all it's way better than i expected. How are your experiences so far guys? Have you even played the "beta"(time limited demo :P)?

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I kinda like it for now.



I was Vader one time in a corridor on Hoth and it was awesome to see all the rebel try to kill me we I was just walking toward them. I could just imagine the fear in front of me, haha !

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