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Star Wars Battlefront

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I honestly dont know why people are so upset. They have rebranded it as a multiplayer game, so what? Do you really need a thousand maps to feel validated in your purchase? Dota 2 has one map and I'm c

Meh, i don't know what to think, sure it's sexy and well scripted... But i would like to see what the game look like when it's not scripted and filled with dumb players (the main reason why i hate Battlefrield games is they look like a dirty mess where everyone is basically rambo). Also the preview was 40v40 ? or 40+IA vs 40+IA ? Still really sad that they cut down the third of the original games...

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oh my god... now that, is amazing.

I hadn't seen the second one yet. so pretty... and the sounds....  people around me are going to hear me playing this game though my headphones.

My only real critique is that they make some headbob is mandatory. The player perspective looked like they were floating around the whole time. but hey (prealpha), there's hope :) I think it looks stellar.

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I think this is getting too much...

They are hyping it way too much and it's just turning into star wars porn in the hope no-one will notice the same recycled gameplay underneath.

On top of that - "pre-order and get bonus content early" - fuck off, how is that even a real incentive? If I throw my money at you now for a game I know nothing about I could be stuck with a shit game, but people who buy later if the game turns out to be good will still get the exact same content? Is that even worth the risk?

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