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Apollostudio recruiting.

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Hi, ApolloStudio is recruiting talented people. We are developing a game and we are looking for artists. ApolloStudio is a standalone game developer that is currently based on volunteers. We are working towards selling our game and besides that engine licenses so we can start a real company with employees. So if you apply now you have a good chance of working for us in the future. But for now, you will be working from home and receive assignments. Review the following job descriptions and if you think you make a good fit for our team email your portfolio to: jobs@apollostudio.nl. Please include the job title in the subject header of the email.

Texture Artists

-Ability to create realistic textures

-Ability to work from concept

3D Artists

-Ability to create good models from concept

-Ability to create paralaxmaps/normalmaps from high poly models. *This is a plus*


-Ability to create big high detailed open air levels

-Making of the levels can be done in any program, but must be exportable to .3ds format, so a 3dprogram is preferred to a map tool

-Mapper will be able to code his own map with our map tools

Concept Artist

-Ability to create concept from given story/description

Story Writer

-Ability to make up and write detailed level to level descriptions from given basic story.

-Ability to write the script from given basic story.

Sound Artist

-Ability to create realistic sounds

You can visit our website http://www.apollostudio.nl for more info.

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We have updated our website with some of the latest concepts made by Gilles and Giza-Di. Here are some examples:





You can view the rest of the new ones and the old ones if you didn't see them yet at www.apollostudio.nl (projects->prise page)

We are still looking for artists, so if you are intrested head over to our jobs page :)

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On our website you can find some info about the engine, its just a next gen engine with the support for normal maps parallax maps all that stuff.

Maps have to be build in max or any other program that can export to .x or .3ds i though hammer could export to .DXT and max could import that i dont know for sure.

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