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[CS:GO] Fjord - Arms Race


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An Arms Race map for CS:GO set within a Norwegian fjord with an old farm, hundreds of years in age.






Seeing as the workshop map publisher tool is buggy atm and won't accept Arms Race as a default gamemode for this map (or any map uploaded for that matter), a workaround is needed to play the map as intended, in Arms Race. 


Type "map ar_fjord" in your console, load it up fully and then while ingame type "game_mode 0" and "game_type 1" in the console. Type in "changelevel ar_fjord" in the console and you should be good to go.


I tried Googling for a solution to this problem and only found other people with the same issue as myself with no fix for it. Any ideas?

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I remember your screens from the WIP thread. I love fjords and vikings and shit. I'm sure some scenes from Skyrim would be great reference for you for when you start detailing. The way you describe how you want it to look reminds me of Riverwood - has a great mixture of snowy mountaintops in the background with a springtime feel/streams and wood farmhouses in the actual town.

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