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Can start my map from game lobby


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I have spent quite a lot of time making a complex simpsons house and made a small arena aswell.

now the small arena is finished and after compiling it works, but if i want to play it with a friend this map only shows up under all maps.


so i checked the armsrace box when i uploaded the map, but if i choose armsrace in the map selection menu i cant choose my map.


so somehow the gametype isnt supported although i did use the info_armsrace:CT/T startpoints




Hopefully someone can help me find the error 

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When adding the map to the workshop you can select in which categories the map belongs in (classic, deathmatch, custom ETC).

I don't exactly remember, but you pick all the gamemodes you want your map to work with from there.


You can still do this in the workshop.

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Click Play with friends, then click game settings and on upper tab click Workshop.

There should be a list of workshop maps. Make sure you are subscribed to your own map.

Then click on it and a tab should appear with selection of gamemodes.


From there you can just invite your friends.

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the map is only supposed to support armsrace and tdm. i put 5 normal spawns per team and 10 arms race spawns per team. also there is a info player start. is anything else missing? could maybe someone download the map and take a look at it? it is a very simple map i was playing around with ....

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map yourmapname

Put this in the console if you want to test your map alone.


If you want to play your map with friends do the following:

-Create a lobby, invite your friends

-Select a random Workshop map

-Make the lobby private

-Start the game(local server is being created)

-Wait until everybody of your friends joined the server and type "map yourmapname" in the console. The map should load for everybody now.

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