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CSGO asset store


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I recently came up with idea of csgo asset store. I contacted some mapmakers and they said the idea could possibly be worth trying.


My idea was to gather csgo mapmakers & modelers to one place where they can share their works. They could sell or share for free their textures, prefabs, models etc. and that way they could make some money out of their hard work. I know csgo map making is a hobby for most of map makers but still if you could get paid wouldn't it be better?


The first argument of yours will be Game Banana. Game Banana is good, all the credit to them but.. you can't sell your work there, can you? Game Banana would need so huge changes that I'm not seeing it possible to happen, but if they want there could be some kind of cooperation between these sites.


This service would bring copyright -things closer to csgo since you could only use free items or the ones you have bought. Also this would maybe bring modelers and map makers closer each other. If working properly it would create united csgo map maker/developer community where you could share ideas etc.


1) If there would be such a website/service, would you use it? Why? Why not?

2) Would you be interested in helping to create such a service?


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I thought about that long ago, but it would be nice if it was VALVE's idea, centralized and rewarded a % in case the map chosen for an operation contained your assets.


In my case I don't think I'd pay for assets as it is a hobby and I like doing them myself (and learning), but I wouldn't mind sharing revenue in case of collaboration, but buying them directly... I don't think so.

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That could be very well more useful but I don't think valve will do such a thing.

But I think the buyer's won't be the biggest problem. I just read this from reddit: "You miss every shot you don't take.."
No one will buy any assets if no one is selling them :)

So in this point it would be more important to focus on... would you sell your items or share them for free if there was site just for that purpose?


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The Leadwerks engine has a built-in store through the Steam Workshop, so Valve can definitely support the same kind of thing.


Actually, that would be the direction you expect them to go, as from interviews Gabe gave in the past, talking about expanding Steam.

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