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[CS:GO][WIP] De_Karinis


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Current Version - Initial Design


Karinis is a defusal map based in and around a military base located throughout a mountainous / coastal setting. The map focuses heavily on the elevation between the T spawn and the CT spawn and mimics the majority of a three lane map, however offering a fourth small lane for long timing but quick distance pushes.




As stated by an observant person, this map looks similar to Crysis 1. The modernistic approach to a military base takes heavy influence from these images.




I took heavy influence from this image, mainly around the CT spawn. This setting separates the ocean from the mountainous landscape which is something I wanted my map to achieve.




This second image shows the back side of the ocean side. The docks and the elevated system is something i'd like to achieve with my map.






This initial design had many focus points. one was the speedway long route to a (towards the right of the map) which also contain a safer more hidden route halfway up to cover the terrorists  advancing as terrorists would often find themselves attacked from rotating cts at b who would rush to the bottom of long and trap the terrorists in both sides. Another major point was mid. which terrorists would need to  cross through the to get to long. when crossing a ct awper  could pick them off and cause alot of damage as the distance was around 5 seconds to cross giving the awper multiple shots.





(Knife out running - No BHOP'ing)


T to CT = 22 Seconds

T to B   = Between 22 and 24 Seconds

T to A   = 30 Seconds

CT to B = 17 Seconds

CT to A = 3 Seconds






I decided to tweak a few things before posting. I threw a few twists and turns into long to remove the vision and the timing needed to push into long from b. I cleaned the t to b path by removing a small building and adding a large ramp. I also cleaned and expanded the bombsite b by adding an upstairs part which enables the either side to hold the side easier. 





(Knife out running - No BHOP'ing)


T to CT = 28 Seconds

T to B   = Between 19 and 21 Seconds

T to A = 25 Seconds

CT to B = 17 Seconds

CT to A = 3 Seconds





T SPAWN - Ocean Side

[Visible: T Spawn, Mid, Long Entrence, Short Entrence and Jungle]




For More Photos, look at and tell me which photos look better to display them






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You might want to consider writing a post instead of using a picture. It loads very slowly on my phone and uses a lot of data.

From the concept images it reminds me of Crysis 1. You might be able to achieve the theme, but not at the scale as it's shown in the picture.


Layout wise, the map seems to have a lot of unnecessary areas. I would suggest you remove all the areas behind T spawn (if that's not walls) as they seem to be useless. 

The very rightest path (split) should be removed, it is also useless. I did the same mistake with my map.

The map needs general simplification and removal of paths.

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Yeah it is very Crysis like. And I will also make it a text layout.

The areas you have stated are actually important. The two large shapes behind the T-spawn are docks, which aren't actually playable, they are clipped off.


Secondly the right most areas. Is something I want long to be like. Awping will be overpowered on this map and with play testing one awper can sit in the middle part and just hold it.


The right bit allows players to push A without needing to be awped and makes the CT's need to hold sit more securely as one needs to watch mid and one needs to watch long. 


The split also allows players to push away from the line of sight directly from the doors at the top of the right lane. This is similar to Marquise when players push through the train area.


I will reformat the layout and add more photos :)

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