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[AoE II] Saragasso Struggle


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This week I spent two evenings and a half workday with this Age of Empires 2 map. I always wanted to release something for this game and finally I took some time to do it.

Try out a new take on 1v1 or 2v2 archipelago action with an innovative map featuring: 

* Each starting Island have three 'Caches' for Food, Stone and Gold. A cache is a resource depot wrapped within trees. In order to get to the wrapped resources you will have to cut down the trees - which ones to take first? 

* Level layout encouraging aggressive territorial play as you will have to expand to new islands in order to get more stone - which in this map is a luxery ware. 

* Level layout encouraging the use of transport ships for ambushes. 



Link to 1v1 version:

Link to 2v2 version:


SORRY about the magnifying glasses. I made them for the Steam thumbnails heh!














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Looks fun. Have you put it on the workshop?

Thanks! And yes I just forgot to put the links in, added them in the post!


This game still looks so awesome :D Cool map, I think AOE1 editor was my first level editor ever ^^

Thanks! :)

Yeah it looks even better now that they zoomed out! Same here! Or maybe it was WarCraft 2, not entirely sure!

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