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[CSGO] de_aggro


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I posted my layout on reddit about 3 months ago for some feedback and I have been working on it on and off since then.


The theme Iam going for is sort of cbble-ish. I started with the layout and I have tried to imagine a theme for the map since, but Iam not so good at making pretty maps, I do it mostly for the gameplay/layout. When the layout is almost complete I will focus more on the looks of it.


I am aiming for it to work as a 5vs5 map and everything I do on the map has that in mind. The timing works quite good I think, CTs can make a suprise push on the Ts if they get a good spawn but nothing that is too overpowered.

The most interesting part of the map has to be the middle. Its an X shape and Ts can benefite a lot from pushing it to gain diffrent entry points to the sites.


On previous maps I have often been inspired by inferno and mirage but on this map I got quite a bit of inspiration from de_cache. Nothing major but the A site is raised like B site in cache and on my B site you can make a small semi-push to get to the site from a diffrent angle like you have on B ventroom in cache.


I was going to have a playtest on the map but somehow i sent a corrupt file to RZL so it didnt work. I will apply for a new one soon but if you feel like giving me feedback now I would love to hear what people think about it so far.


Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=390258844


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I have not been working on this map for a long time but today I managed to post an updated version to the workshop. I changed a lot in both bombsites and added a bunch of new props. This is still work in progress, everything is not textured yet but if anybody could give me some feedback for this I wouls appreciate it a lot.

I have only played against bots so thing I wonder is.

-How would the mid area play out?

-Are the sites too T sided, are they too easy to take over?

-Is there too many hidingspots/too many corners to check in the sites?


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