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Yeah, way better than my attempt at Mansion remake haha :P
Looks very nice, my suggestion pretty much would be add variety to the lighting.

It looks good but it looks dull, in my opinion.


The candles are a good example of variation, which I think you did a good job with but overexposed them a bit.


Either way, you should pick a few main colors for your lighting (whether it's blue for sky, or yellow for sun, anything)

and try to match that lighting to a room condition.


Small subtle variations in lighting can do pretty much better than adding any brushes or graphical things. It's what sets the tone.

Try messing around with that, I would love to see what you can come up with.

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Looks nice, but first impressions are that you need to improve lighting and visibility and reduce the HDR effect, possibly changing the sun position to be vertical or slightly offset (say 1-2pm) rather than a deep angle, because players will end up looking directly into the sun. You also need to look at your shadows, disable them on the prop_static's and using the shadow control with the material block_light.







One thing I find disappointing about CS:GO, is that good lighting and environmental effects don't translate to good game play.

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This was one of my old methods of fixing ugly blobs in Source, however, this is not the case. I have figured out my map (and this map, most likely) lacks staticproplighting compile.

This is a map without staticproplighting:






Go to expert compile options, make a new compile command thing in the left hand box and paste the following into the parameters bit on the right

-lights lights_youme.rad -both -staticproppolys -staticproplighting -textureshadows -final -game $gamedir $path$file

Then add $light_exe to the command box just above it.


You can see that the difference is rather big, but it fixes the issue.

Keep in mind it may take a bit longer to compile, the end results are really worth it.

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I will try to do that in the next compile.


Trying to change the light, still playing around.




Having this strange problem with plants :/




Replaced the kitchen table, trying to put less modeles now that take up walking space.




Here is the house layout you can see that I have some rooms left to do.

1 floor

2.png2 floor



Having problems with corridor on the right it is looking strange, don't know how I can change the layout for it to look good.

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Disable shadows on the plants, it will stop the blobby shadows from underneath them. Staticproplighting might also fix the issue with the plants by the fountain, otherwise you need to move them outwards a little bit so that more of their faces are exposed to the light and not inside of the fountain and getting no light. Problem with the corridor on second floor right side is because it has this weird u-shape which you never see in a real house. Better solution might be to separate the top of that hall entirely (eg drag the wall all the way over to the rightmost wall) and have the room in bottom right corner connect to that hall, sort of like what you have done on the left side. Map looks really good though!

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First of all I really like the looks. With some tweaking this will be a even better.


Having this strange problem with plants :/


I used to "Disable Shadows" in the models' properties when plants cast unrealistic shadows (this only disables the lightmap shadow).

The small plants (your second screenshot) often look better when you set "Ignore Surface Normal" to "Yes".

Maybe give this a try.

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Okay I am back with some good news and bad news

First fixed those plants by the fountain by puting "Yes" on "Ignore Surface Normal".



I had to redo the fence because the old one was using too much brushes.





Working on the sewers




and yes I know that it looks like shit right now :/


So for the bad news there is somewhere a leak in the map because the water does not render and I can't find it and there is no pointfile to load to the map

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The most likely place where your leak can exist is in the skybox.

Map isn't that big, as far as I understand, so the skybox shouldn't be a problem.

It's not efficient, but for this specific map I would use an open skybox AKA box, and texture inside of the box with skybox texture and outside of it as nodraw.


If that's not the case, make sure your skybox is not func_detail.

Func_details do not seal leaks.

To get the point file, you have to compile the map several times and it should load.



Looks good either way, nice work. 

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Finally fixed the lighting problem and as always the mistake was mine.  :)


So the mistake was made in the compiler.



I forgot to put check mark on "$vis_exe" and that made some weird leaks or something that the water didn't show up and shadows were bad so here is some photos with  "$vis_exe" chected.



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I think one thing you're missing in your version of cs_estate, is that the original one has nicer and more interesting shape for the building as it's not just rectangle:

You mean that he's missing the opportunity to make a richer architecture? Because it looks very faithful to the original to me

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Blackdog is right, I don't think it's worth bashing the map for the sake of additional columns. I think it looks good enough as it is. Just noticed that you are compiling on -fast option, make sure that when you wan't to upload your map you compile on -full.

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