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clankill3r's new CS map


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I'm working on a new map. I wanted to give it the name de_molition as a work name but demolition is a game mode in cs:go so it might be a bit confusing. So no name for now (suggestions are welcome!).


After people telling me you can't make a school map those days my inspiration was sadly gone.


Anyway, I have ideas for a new map. I wan't to map some places for a game (prototype) I want to make.

For this I wan't a car tunnel, car park, undergound metro track and a metro station and a lot more but those are some of the basics.


My idea is to rip the de_dust2 layout for 100% and take that as a starting point. I'm blocking it out atm.

From there I will replace parts.

The idea behind is that some things will add so much influence that they even might force changes to the layout.

Specially the bombsides. I want make one of them a car park and the other a metro station.

Bombside A will probably undergo the most edits.


It might be a horrible idea but I think it's nice as an experiment anyway.

What do you guys think? And what would you guys make if you had dust2 layout as a starting point.


More soon (with pics cause damn this is boring :) ).

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I think flipping spawns and trying to reconcile the map would definitely achieve what you're looking for. You'd have to change basically everything to make it work again. Also, I think it's a cool experiment. Creativity is fundamentally problem solving, so this in my mind is just as good as designing something from "scratch"

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I think you can take any layout and set the map in a completely different env. Dust 2 doesn't inspire me anything in particular off the bat.

This is an exercise I was thinking of trying myself as I have never finished a map yet, and at the moment I have ideas but struggling to make any sense of a visual theme.

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