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In development by Guma, original by SkullHozer




The map is set in deserted Arizona warehouse/facility.


I am looking for general feedback, I will be arranging a Mapcore playtest so you will also be able to write here after it!

















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In terms of theme, I would advise not going with the warehouse, and a Japenese Village would be interesting. Also, if you want to find another theme you can go to FMPone's steam forum, and look at his thread for De_Mirage2's theme, a shitload of themes there that are all really good and unused. 

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First thing I love the theme which the map is going.

Second having problem with custom models and textures


Ouch... I guess I didn't pack custom textures for models correctly.. Will have to ship an update now, thank you!


EDIT: Fixed, check now!

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This is not an update yet, but I just wanted to keep a track of things I've done so far.

I've began adding cosmetics.




The props inside seem to have weird lighting... I'm not sure what's causing it, I'm full compiling the map every time.

Any clues?

(You can notice how they stand out ETC)


Also, cs_max is a small map in comparison... It shouldn't take too long for me to finish it! 

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Nope, 4 days! :P

The graybox took me 2 hours to make.


Done some more progress, not final.

(The theme is finally shaping up)

Some of the things I've done is making the color palette more dull, I've received some feedback that the sand looked too bright and orange-y.







Also, got the shadows fixed too...




I compiled the map with -staticproplighting, it takes twice as long now but looks a lot better!

I'm pretty satisfied with what I was able to do over just a few days.

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4 days? U folken wot m8?


Anyways, the map feels a little lacking of some... "pop"/"wow". You should try to add something defining the the map, like a giant tower or something in the middle.

You are right.



The name of your map and the theme of it... really makes this relevant: http://www.wallworm.net/index.php/topic,1206.0.htmlYou should consider moving it to Max and participating in the contest :)

I will consider it, however, I do not have 3dsMax and I have no idea how it works. The trees are modeled with Blender :P


Ye previously sand looked like HL surface tension's cliffs, much better now.

Looks very good to me.

How many maps you developing at the same time???

cs_max, de_oasis, de_russka, de_ascend

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