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Jeremy Hauck - Portfolio


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Hey everyone,


As I'm currently looking for a job in the industry, I wanted to have some feedbacks on my portfolio.


Here is the link: http://jeremyhauck.weebly.com/


Don't hesitate to post any thought you could have about it (general design, number of projects, grammar, usability etc): any feedback is appreciated :)


Thank you!


PS: btw, if you plan to test the Portal 2 map, don't look at the video, it's a walkthrough :P

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Hey men !


Just a few things that came up in ma mind when I went through your website. I like the way you divided your work in tabs in the top menu bar. I feel like the "my work" section should somehow follow the same pattern of having separate areas. The thing is that I looked at the tabs, hovered over them and went to click on your images instead. I wanted to go straight to the projects that seemed interesting based on the images. Sometimes I would click on something where you were a game designer or a level designer and yeah... I think it lacks a little bit of consistency. Don't trust people, thinking they will probably click the links in the top menu bar if they want to see what you did in a specific field. It's more attractive to click cool looking images.


Little idea, a short demo reel combining projects you did so I can get a general idea of who you are. If I want more in depth info on a project you did I can click the little images. 


Hope that helped a little :)

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Hey dude, 


I understand what you've done with the grey bar on the left of your CV but i'm not sure that it's relevant. The test is not very clear, and I'm sure that if a HR wanted to print it, she or he would see anything on this grey bar. Plus, this CV is very french. Maybe you should add more details on what you've done on the projects, a line on the companies where you've worked 'cause not everyone knows Anuman for example. Anglo-saxon HR like to know you before their talk to you so they can go further during an interview (from what i've known this year). 


For the portfolio, I would change half of the banners on the front page 'cause they are not very appealing. 

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Hey guys,


Thank you for your feedbacks, they are really appreciated!


@SuperDuperYeah: indeed, the layout on the front page is something that started to bother me. I changed it, and created two categories to classify my projects. For the demo combining project, it's a good idea, I'll think of it :)


@TheOnlyDoubleF: I'll work on my CV tomorrow and add a bit more details on the companies I've worked for and what I did on my projects. Regarding the grey bar, I didn't got any remark on it from the recruiters/job advisor that printed the resume so far. So I'll leave it like that for now, but as a "safety measure", I'll lower a bit the opacity.


Edit: added details on the CV

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