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Recruiting for making best map ever

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How would this even play? 20 bombsites? An unknown number of hostages? Yikes. It's something that might work in battlefield with 60 players on the map playing control points, but I don't see how it could work in CS:GO with 10, or even 20 players.


It might be something fun to make.


You might want to clarify that Mont Saint-Michel isn't actually an island; the jut of land was inundated by a super tide that's subsiding.




It would take, in CS:GO terms, approximately 15 minutes to run around the island, if the map is made to scale.


Optimisation is going to be a nightmare. :shake:

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I think you guys need to be careful, I mean this seems like a really generic concept, can't even explain how many times I've seen these types of maps.
Maybe you guys should try something different, like, a three lane map with a lot of connectors? - It just seems like a waste of talent to make this kind of map when you could try an make something new!

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