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[csgo] de_canal (wip)

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You really need to save to JPG before you export to vtf, and your jpeg images should be < 100kb in size. You can use bump and normal maps to bring detail to a model, you can also use decals, which are probably more appropriate.


FMPONE talked about using less noisy textures earlier this year and used Mirage as an example. I think that's valid here where you could get away with using basic, low detail textures with decals over the top. That should save some space.


But if your textures are taking up 400MB of your 600MB+ file, you're still way over budget. You need to look at the size of the props, how much detail, how many different textures you're using etc. as well as your brushes, because it all takes up space. Like you said, your non-pakratted file is under 30mb, but pakratted, it's over 600mb.


It isn't practical to do any testing until you sort those out.

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Also, make sure the textures don't have an alpha channel if they're not supposed to have one (as this will double the texture's filesize). This is something I did wrong on a bunch of textures for zoo and it ended up saving us dozens of MB to bring the filesize down.

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You want to try to avoid making as many unique textures and props as possible, reuse what you can. Use sprites to make up the difference, or use alpha blends on displacements. So take 600kb and multiply it by the number of textures you have. Then add the entire size of the model directory where your custom props are located. You should be putting them in your own directory, not the existing game directories. This should give you an idea of how large your assets are. Anything close to or over 150mb - shrink it down!

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