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New Urban Terror HD


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Not sure if anyone played this but Urban Terror is an old 1999 mod for Quake 3. It is still being worked on by Frozen Sands to this day and it still an awesome FPS.


Now they are making Urban Terror HD which is totally made on UE4.



UTerror has always had an extremely active mapping community, and for those of you making maps in UE4 but not wanting to make Unreal Tournament stuff... well here you go!


The HD version is in Alpha, but the "old game" is totally free and most maps are quite enjoyable. So you can download UTerror 4.x and give it a whirl.



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I played the hell out of this mod back in 2001; it was a nice break from CS


Although it wasn't as polished as its UT competitors (Strike Force, Tactical Ops and Infiltration, if any old timers remember them), it was a fun mod nonetheless with some cool features (the bleeding/bandage thing was stressing and hilarious at the same time - fleeing the scene with a trail of blood trying desperately to bandage yourself before other players finish you off with the little health remaining in you :D classic)


Good to see it remade in HD in UE4

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My dad introduced me to this game. But because he thought he was funny, he used to call it Turban Error.


I reinstalled it fairly recently for nostalgic purposes, but was met with people bhopping everywhere and i had nfi what was going on, not the game i remembered at all...


The bandage/bleeding system was a great touch, I'd be interested to see the final result.

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